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In October 2012, Tom Hitchcock arranged for three couples (Tom & Sarah Hitchcock, Ashley & Jan Seaborne and Michael & Bella Challis) to came together to discuss the formation of a new amateur dramatics theatre company.  These six individuals would go on to become known as the 'core' group of Six Acre Amateur Dramatics. "Why Six Acre?" I hear you ask.  I am sure by now you have worked out where the 'Six' came from, but 'Acre'?  All that needs to be said is that Tom could be described as a 'Drama Farmer'.  And so Six Acre Amateur Dramatics was born.


The original aspirations involved performing comedy farces, but with no substantial funding, the 'core' put up enough between them to organise a murder mystery show.  Simple but effective, their first production sold out for both performances in the summer of 2013, giving them enough profit to put on another murder mystery in the summer of 2014, which went on to sell out all four performances.  Now self sufficient, the group has decided it is time to branch out towards their original idea of performing comedy farces, although the murder mysteries will still be a regular feature.  It is at this point, after reading a variety of different comedy scripts, that the group decided they would produce the comedy thriller play of Theft by Eric Chappell in May 2015. 


After the first production in the summer of 2013, Six Acre Productions replaced the original group name of Six Acre Amateur Dramatics.


The group is based on the outskirts of Ipswich, Suffolk and has been privileged to be able to perform in two picturesque barns in Semer and Nedging, Nr. Hadleigh.  These unusual venues have certainly contributed toward Six Acre Productions' unique image.


As of 1st May 2015, Six Acre Productions is proudly sponsored by

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