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The Cast and Crew.

Tom began performing with his local amateur dramatics group at the age of 11, after which, he quickly made a name for himself, landing him larger roles within a few years.  As the years went by, Tom began to gain further experience by directing, writing and performing in various pantomimes.  He also became part of the technical crew occasionally, working behind scenes and the light and sound desks.  As Tom began to network, he found himself taking on acting roles within other local groups which led him to play characters such as Norman Bassett in Cash on Delivery, Tom in Tom, Dick and Harry and Mr. Lucas in Are You Being Served? Tom has been involved with various local groups - performing, writing and directing - with great success.  It is Tom's love of Drama that inspired him to create Six Acre Productions. Tom is currently directing our upcoming production Run For Your Wife by Ray Cooney and has written this years brand new murder mystery Murder on the Semer Express.

Mike is a huge asset to the group offering up his wealth of knowledge in acting and script writing for murder mysteries. He thoroughly enjoyed his chance to have the title and main role of Sherlock Holmes in our last murder mystery and will return again to delight audiences in this years Murder on the Semer Express.

After a brief rest from acting after her role in The Seven Wooden Figurines" Emma is now set to return in our upcoming Murder Mystery Murder on the Semer Express. Emma is currently starring in Tom, Dick and Harry a farce by Ray and Michael Cooney at RATS in Ringshall.

Although Molly has only performed in one Murder Mystery with our group, she still remains an avid aid to the cause and shows her support with her advice and presence. Molly is currently pursuing her career in acting with which we wish her all the best and hope she returns to our stage soon.

Ashley is enjoying a small break from acting after directing the hilarious Post Horn Gallop by Derek Benfield in October. He is one of the founding members of the group and remains a drive force behind the ideas and effects we strive to achieve. Ashley has endless experience in theater and has acted, produced and directed in countless shows throughout his life. 

Mark has become an invaluable member of Six Acre Productions over the last couple of years.

His love for the stage has blossomed since his first role with Brantham Amateur Theatrical Society four years ago. Mark is a versatile actor, able to take on any role with the utmost integrity. Although he is not on stage this year, he is still there behind the scenes helping out at rehearsals and the productions themselves after his successful producer role for Post Horn Gallop last year.

Rob Warne has been with us since he appeared in our first production and has brought his vast wealth of experience with him to help make Six Acre Productions a success. He gets involved with as much as he can and uses his knowledge of acting to portray his characters flawlessly. Rob has dabbled in directing for us and other groups and longs to direct again so watch this space!

Where would we be without Jan?! Jan is one of our founding members and brings to the group a flare and passion from her vast acting career. Not only is she a talented Actress, Director and Producer, she is an incredibly talented seamstress and has, on several occasions, designed and made all of the costumes for our Murder Mysteries.  

Sally is a member of many groups and runs her own dramatics group "Paper Lantern" but that doesn't stop her from enjoying the odd murder mystery with us. She had a minor role in last years Seven Wooden Figurines as the 'Mad Woman' in the video footage, but her favourite role so far is Queen Elizabeth in

A MidSEMER Night's Dream.

Ben has well and truly found his home at Six Acre Productions and is currently taking the lead role for a second year running in our upcoming production of Run For Your Wife. But Ben's acting with us doesn't stop him getting involved in other groups. He is also currently playing 'Harry' in Tom, Dick and Harry at RATS Ringshall, alongside our Tom Hitchcock. Ben has also taken on the role of Director at Bar-Clay Music Makers for the pantomime Repunzel in 2019. 

The ever talented Pippa has sadly been missing from our stage for the last couple of years due to her family commitments and the opportunity to direct a succession of musicals in her home town of Brantham. However that has not stopped her making an impact on our stage, most noticeably in Theft. She has indulged in the odd radio play Murder Mystery with Tom over the last year and plans to return to our group next year.

Mark Holtom has a long history in acting and especially in absurd comedy. He has brought that experience into the foreground with us on two occasions and stole the show with his silent character in Post Horn Gallop. Mark is returning to our stage as 'Stanley' in Run For Your Wife, a memorable part which he has longed to perform.

Debby is back for her second year with the group playing the part of 'Barbara' in Run For Your Wife. She has thoroughly enjoyed her first year in the group performing in The Seven Wooden Figurines and Post Horn Gallop. She will also be involved in this years murder mystery and we sincerely hope she stays with us.  

Paul was hugely fantastic in The Seven Wooden Figurines as Lord Worthington-Jones. Sadly he is unable to continue with us at present due to new work commitments. We hope to have him back as soon as possible, for his acting skills are second to none and is a wonderful man to work with. 


We are delighted to welcome Zoe

into our group and she has found herself right at home with all of our members. 

Her debut with Six Acre Productions was in "Shut your eyes and think of England" playing Miss Stella Richards. Zoe's acting debut started with HADS, where she perfomed as the principal boy in their pantomime "Beauty and the Beast ". We look forward to working with her on future productions. 


Harry has joined our cast in 2019 for our production "Shut your eyes and think of England" playing Marami. 

Harry spent 2018 in the background for both of our productions running the sound desk and decided to come back to the foreground after an 8 year break. Harry used to perform in Local pantomimes for Elmsett and Aldham Players. Its been wonderful performing with Harry and we hope he joins us for future productions. 


Kailea has joined our cast in 2019 for our production "Who Killed the Fleetwood 'Mac'?" starring as "Jemma". 

Kailea is a long standing member of Henley Players and has a variety of talents at her finger tips. Not only can she act, she can write and direct as well. Kailea recently wrote her first murder mystery script which was performed by Henley Players in 2017. We look forward to working with Kailea on future projects

WEUC7911 - Copy.JPG

Michael was one of the founding members of Six Acre Production sway back in 2012. He starred as 'Jeeves the Butler' in our first production in 2013. Since then he has become a useful ally when it comes to set building and props making. You can always rely on Michael to be ready with his drill.

Michael put down the hammer and saw and rejoined the stage for some acting in "Post Horn Gallop" and recently performed in "Who Killed the Fleetwood 'Mac'?" in 2019. 


Kate has been involved in a couple of our productions over the last few years - "Murder at the Manor - the Wilderness years", "A mid-Semer nights dream" and "Who Killed the Fleetwood 'Mac'?" 

Kate has accomplished many things in her acting career - a degree in Drama from the University of Essex, becoming a Drama and English teacher.  Writing and performing in various shows in her life. She has become a useful member of the team in Six Acre Productions and we look forward to her getting more and more involved in the workings of the group.

Joe is currently completing his acting and drama degree at university. But inbetween times he has had a starring role as the young Cuthbert Worthington-Jones in "Sherlock Holmes and the Seven Wooden Figurines". Inbetween his time at University studying, he has been able to come back and help out back stage with several of our productions.  

We hope Joe will soon be able to tread the boards with us after his degree is complete.


Linzi is a handy woman to know - not only can she act, write and direct, but she can also sow! What she can't create out of fabric isn't worth wearing! 

Linzi has performed with us on three occassions so far - "A mid-Semer nights Dream" as a witch. "Murder on the Semer Express" as a Nun and as the ghostly figure and guest in "Who killed the Fleetwood 'Mac'?" 

Linzi is also involved in The Bar-Clay Music Makers in Claydon, where she started off as a seamstress which then brought her onto the stage and leading to her writing and directing her first pantomime "The Little Mermaid" which had a sell out run of six shows. 

Linzi is returning to the stage this year in our latest production in May and is also making her directing debut with us in September whenshe will direct "Dead as a Cluedodo" 

WKWX4648 - Copy.JPG

Mervin has slid into Six Acre Productions cast line up like a hand in a glove. He brings with him many years of experience in performing from his days with Elmsett and Aldham Players and RATS - Ringshall( whom he still performs with) In his spare time, if he isnt fixing a car or learning lines, he is banging drums for the band "De Ja Vue"

Mervin has performed with us for several years and is always happy to give up any time he has to help make the production work. 

Mervin has starred in "Sherlock Holmes and the Seven Wooden Figurines", "Post Horn Gallop", "Murder on the Semer express" and "Who Killed the Fleetwood 'Mac'?" we hope he will be back in 2020 on the stage with us. 


Lea has been with us for two productions now - firstly in "Sherlock Holmes and the Seven Wooden Figurines" and now secondly in "The Annual General Murder". 

She is definitely no stranger to the stage and has been in numerous productions over the years with various groups, including "B.A.T.S and The Manefest Theatre in Manningtree, the latter of which, she is heavily involved with. Lea made her directing debut with Manefest Theatre group in 2020 with "Sherlock Holmes and the Seven Wooden Figurines" as her chosen script of choice (written by our own Tom Hitchcock) for her first venture as director. As a new member of the core at Six Acre, we hope she will soon be bringing her new found directing skills to our stage. 


Clive is a huge part of Six Acre Productions now, after stepping in and taking on the role of the Inspector in our hilarious comedy farce "run for your wife" by Ray Cooney. Not only did Clive step in to take on the role at short notice, but he also mucked in and helped to build the set for that production. 

Since then he hasn't been allowed to attend a rehearsal without first making or fixing in place a piece of set. 

Clive has also starred in "Murder on the Semer Express", "Shut your eyes and think of England" and "Who Killed the Fleetwood 'Mac'?". 

Previous to his Life with Six Acre Productions, Clive has enjoyed a life on and off the stage, performing with many various groups : Bar-Clay Music Makers, Paper Lantern, to name a few. 


Andrew "Cookie" starred in his first murder mystery with the group as we returned from Lockdown and played "Henry Hoover" the chairmain of "S.H.A.T.S in "The Annual General Murder in October 2021. 

Cookie has been treading the boards for many a year in the neighboring village of Ringshall and is an entegral cog in the wheel of R.A.T.S (Ringshall Amateur Theatrical Society. He has performed with a few of our cast before at R.A.T.S, namely - Emma, Mervyn, sarah, Tom and his son Ben


Jemma made her debut with Six Acre in "The Annual General Murder" proving herself to be a worthy Inspector Melons! Using her extensive knowledge of pantomime acting she helped to shape a wonderful detective for our audience to enjoy. Jemma has performed since a young age at her local group Bar-Clay Music Makers. We look forward to working with Jemma again in another of our productions. 


Juliet answered our call for new members in 2021 when we launched our new murder mystery show "The Annual General Murder" after lockdown. Juliet proved straight away that she has what it takes to blend in with the rest of the group and neatly nestled in, bringing with her a wealth of previous acting knowhow. 

Danny has joined Six Acre in 2021 and jumped head first in to his part for "The Annual General Murder". He is also performing in Bar-Clay Music Makers pantomime for 2022 and we hope that he will be returning to our future productions and bringing with him his sense of humour and great array of characters. 


Six Acre Productions' performers are selected from a pool of actors and actresses.  If you are interested in auditioning for a future production, please go to the "CONTACT" page and get in touch!

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